Richard Patterson: Artist talk and book launch

12 September 2013 Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas
Richard Patterson

Join us for a special event on 12 September, 7pm, to celebrate Richard Patterson’s recently launched monograph at the Nasher Sculpture Center, Dallas.


This book launch and signing of Dallas-based British artist Richard Patterson’s first monograph will see the artist joined by designer Mark Thomson.


Together in conversation, Patterson and Thomson will discuss the process of compiling a monograph. In the age of ebooks and social media, what is the purpose of a printed and bound 'art book’ these days? Is it an arcane and increasingly outmoded format, or is it still the best way to convey the sense of process, history and aura of the art works that they gather together and reproduce? 


Patterson and Thomson hope to illuminate the rewarding process of creating a monograph, using Patterson’s recent book as a working example, as well as discussing the role of the monograph in general. 


The event is free for the public; see the Nasher Sculpture Center website for further RSVP details.


Nasher Sculpture Center

2001 Flora Street


TX 75201, US [map]