Ann-Marie James  Le Monde Moderne

Text by Charlie Fox
Ridinghouse 2015
£12  |  $19.95

28 × 23 cm  |  11 1/8 × 9 1/8 in
40 pp, 18 colour ill
ISBN: 978 1 909932 17 3

Animated by their rich layers of material and technique, Ann-Marie James’s paintings encompass a multitude of visual forms and historical references.

Executed on wooden panels, James’s complex compositions incorporate numerous processes: beginning as laser-engravings and then layered with ink drawing, acrylic and oil paint. The female forms of Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha serve as a starting point for this recent series, reworked as fragments that appear at moments within James’s abstract painterly chaos.


Accompanying the artist’s exhibition at Edel Assanti, London (25 November 2015–6 January 2016), the volume includes illustrations of the series and corresponding drawings, as well as an essay by Charlie Fox that examines the work’s ties to Mucha and beyond.

Charlie Fox is a writer based in London who regularly contributes to frieze and Art Review.

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