Albert Oehlen

Albert Oehlen in conversation with Nigel Cooke
Ridinghouse 2008 and Thomas Dane Gallery, London
£14.99  |  $39.95

35 × 27 cm  |  13 3/4 × 10 5/8 in
Unbound poster set
32 pp, 10 colour ill
ISBN: 978 1 905464 14 2

Continuing Albert Oehlen’s interest in posters, this volume contains loose, unbound images of ten paintings contained within a large fold-out poster set designed by the artist.

Closely associated with the Cologne art scene and the Neue Wilde movement, Oehlen was also formally a member of the Lord Jim Lodge along with Martin Kippenberger, among others.


The artist’s latest series of paintings vividly merge image, text and symbol in an explosive form that Oehlen has called ‘free collage’.


Combining oil, inkjet print collage and spraypaint on canvas, Oehlen’s paintings are characterised by dirty smears at their centre; reflecting the artist’s ability to interrogate the possibilities of painting and challenge the viewer’s reading of visual language.

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