John Stezaker  Tabula Rasa

Text by Michael Bracewell
Ridinghouse 2010 in association with The Approach, London
£12.95  |  $25

27 × 22.8 cm  |  10 5/8 × 9 in
40 pp, 17 colour ill
ISBN: 978 1 905464 30 2

Made across a 32-year span, the works in Tabula Rasa unite the central themes in the art of celebrated British artist John Stezaker, from the capacities of collage to the current flow in an age of mass media.

This volume brings silkscreens on canvas from the early 1990s and film still collages from the 1990s and 2009 together for the first time.


Accompanying full-colour illustrations and a series of installation views of Stezaker's work at The Approach, London, an essay by  art critic and cultural commentator Michael Bracewell looks at the connections within Stezaker's practice, centering on notions of screens, voids and cut-outs.

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