Simon Linke

Text by Adrian Searle
Ridinghouse 2012
£10  |  $15

23 × 20 cm  |  9 1/8 × 7 7/8 in
32 pp, 14 colour ill
ISBN: 978 1 905464 55 5

Made from delicate layers of paint and glaze, Simon Linke’s recent paintings continue to powerfully explore the imagery of renowned art journal Artforum whilst marking a major reconfiguration in the artist’s style.

Working from photographs of a wide range of artists – including Marina Abramovic, Alberto Giacometti and Claude Monet – taken from the magazine, Linke first replicates the image in pencil, then covers the drawing in a colour wash of oil paint. These elegant paintings stand in stark contrast to his well-known thick impasto paintings of advertisments from Artforum.


Published on the occasion of Linke’s first solo exhibition at Karsten Schubert, London, full-colour images of the eight Untitled (Portraits) are accompanied by an essay by art critic Adrian Searle.

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