Keith Coventry  Deontological Pictures

Text by Nick Zangwill and an interview with the artist by Michael Bracewell
Ridinghouse 2012 and PEER, London
£17.95  |  $29.95

27.5 × 21 cm  |  10 7/8 × 8 1/4 in
56 pp, 18 colour ill
ISBN: 978 1 905464 70 8

This volume catalogues Keith Coventry’s series of complex black paintings, which are produced by slavishly following a set of rules that safeguards against aesthetic or ethical judgement.

Keith Coventry is known for his works which co-opt philosophical or art-theoretical positions as a way of testing and questioning the boundaries of such ideas.


His newest body of work, The Deontological Pictures, is an extension of this approach. These variations of black paintings – some much darker and others with undulations of lighter greys and browns – are produced by following a set of rules and adding black pigment to rainwater collected in Coventry’s studio from a leaky roof.


The resulting mixture is then brushed onto the jute with a broom, left to dry flat on the floor, whereupon the material is stretched and framed. They have, the artist claims, ‘made themselves’.

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