The Art of Tess Jaray

Texts by Richard Davey, John Stezaker, Alison Wilding, and an interview with the artist by Alister Warman
Ridinghouse 2014 in association with Djanogly Art Gallery, Nottingham
£28  |  $55

29.4 × 25.2 cm  |  11 5/8 × 9 7/8 in
256 pp, 198 colour ill
ISBN: 978 1 905464 80 7

Examining the geometry of pattern, repetition and colour within her surroundings, British artist Tess Jaray has explored painterly perspective for more than five decades.

Tess Jaray focuses on producing the illusion of space, using perspective to create a field of spatial paradox that equates to distance and closeness in the mind. In many of her works the area of pattern – whether polygons, waves or rectangles – is contained by a strong, grounding background colour, thereby controlling the movement of the forms.


Alongside a large group of Jaray’s paintings of enigmatic forms and colours – which celebrate the vitality inherent within archetypal rhythms and patterns – this first monograph explores her contemporary influence. From Kazimir Malevich and Lucio Fontana to Italian architecture and Islamic mosaics, this volume situates the artist within the tradition of abstract painting and the history of art.

Richard Davey is a writer, curator and visiting fellow at Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham. John Stezaker is a British artist and was the recipient of the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize in 2012. Alister Warman is a former principal of Byam Shaw School of Art, London. Alison Wilding is a Turner Prize-nominated artist working in London.

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