• Reconstructing Cezanne

    Sequence and Process in Paul Cezanne’s Works on Paper

  • Dialectical Materialism 

    British Sculpture since the 1960s

  • 'My intention is not just for you to see but to feel your way around this book' - Guy Brett

  • A Very Very Person is the first biography of Bridget Riley.

  • Roelof Louw (1936–2017) created sculpture from wooden slats, cast-iron wedges, sand-blasted and painted scaffolding poles, rope and neon.

  • Paul de Monchaux (born 1934) has been a quietly influential presence in Britain over the last fifty years, inspiring generations with his beautifully made and measured sculptures.

  • Charting Richard Long’s critical reception, this anthology of writings tracks the artist’s radical rethinking of the relationship between art and landscape.